Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How To Be Successful Working From Home

It's true that everyday more and more people are thinking about working from home. With the rising price of gas, the present state of the economy, and with the many corporate cut-backs and people who are armed with the knowledge that a job does not necessarily mean security -- aspiring entrepreneurs are motivated to take control of their lives and to explore the idea of working from home.

Many have flocked to the internet to grab a-hold of a dream of financial freedom and of making money while in their sleep or at least while in their pajamas! Many dream Of not having to commute or of not being bothered by office politics. And others have just simply begun to detest their thankless jobs. And, how wonderful would it be to go to sleep to awake in the morning to money that you made overnight? By the way -- It's not impossible to do either! However, pie-in-the-sky, get-rich-quick has been an on-going theme with regard to earning money on the internet. I prefer to think of it more as being a myth. The reality is that it is not nearly as easy to generate an income on-line, especially if one is a newcomer or 'newbie'. And for many who have been on-line for years this ability has escaped them as well.

The bottom line is that the average person who tries to earn a living on the internet working from home will fail. And they fail miserably usually after spending a lot of money that they really could not afford to lose. But there is hope. And there are many successful on-line entrepreneurs who are making a living online working from home. Yet, they did not start at the top. And we all start by trial and error and by practicing like an athlete who has to fine-tune his body and perfect his skill. Further, there are some things that you can do to help solidify your success on-line. And these are the things that you want to do immediately so that they become habit in the very beginning of your on-line career.

-- Learn to focus on one project until that project garners a profit. It is very easy to become distracted with all of the offers available. Remember you only need to promote one product to become successful. You just need to do the correct marketing of the one product before you see your profit. After that you can create additional profit streams.

-- Practice time management. Set time frames for things like reading your e-mail. When you start reading through your e-mail resist the temptation to click on the different links or to get involved in other activities. Just pick out the things that demand your immediate attention and continue working. If you set out to write an article that day, make sure you write your article and that you don't get side-tracked on other things you find in your e-mail. I recently ran across a suggestion to use a timer. Set a timer for two hours to complete a certain task to make sure you remain within the time-frame that you set for yourself.

-- Select a mentor. This is most important and often over-looked or simply not given much credence. But a good mentor can guide you even if you have no direct contact with them. If you simply follow their lead it could be to your direct benefit by having them help to guide you towards success in working from home. When you make this selection make sure that your mentor has an extensive background and is someone who you know you can trust. Someone that has a following and a great reputation. One way to find out about a mentor is to Google them. Check out their articles, ideas and resources. Then, stick with this person and use them as your go-to person or as your guide.

-- Look for techniques and tactics that are unique and/or innovative. If you have tried the same things and they are not working make sure you research until you find other techniques that produce a different result. Again this is where your mentor can guide you and offer various tactics and techniques that have helped them become successful.

-- Never give up your dream. Sometimes the entire process gets to be overwhelming. Especially if you have not realized a profit or if your profits are so small that you could only buy a cup of coffee with them. The process can be very discouraging at times and you may want to give up. Sometimes, you may have to step away, regroup and come back with a renewed sense of vigor. Simply never give up your dream. If you can conceive it and believe it -- it will manifest.

With that said I want to state that it is absolutely possible to replace your current income from your job with your very own on-line business working from home. One that is comparable to what you currently earn at work. This can be done realistically within 18 months if you are diligent. Yes, I am stating that if you persist and remain focused and implement the correct plan that you will be able to replace the income you are currently earning at your job with income from your very own business working from home. There are specific tactics and techniques that you will be able to use to accomplish this.

As an example, if you did just a couple of things like getting a name and then forwarded that name to a blog that contained a product review and then linked that product review to a 'Squidoo' lens and a couple of articles and then did a traffic campaign which included a free press release and you posted to numerous forums; that strategy in itself would begin generating traffic and sales and have you on your way to replacing your current income from work. This is traffic that you did not pay for and is generally referred to as 'natural traffic.'

Now, I am not saying that this will happen overnight. However, your ultimate goal here is to start showing a profit and then increase that profit month by month until you have finally replaced your income from work. You will then be able to quit your job within 18 months and begin to work exclusively from home. This is a very feasible plan of action and if utilized correctly will generate an income desired that will replace your income from your job. And this flow of money can happen very fast on-line if you dedicate yourself for the determined length of time. This is a sure-fire way to become successful working from home.

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