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How Lead Programs Create Affiliate Success

How Lead Programs Create Affiliate Success)
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There are various lead generating programs all over the internet. Some of them are free of charge while others will cost a one-time or monthly fee. These programs can be found as Co-Registration sites, FAA sites, Guaranteed Sign Up Programs, Joint Ventures and others may be offered on Affiliate Program sites.

Recently Joint Ventures have been all the rage. It is true that if you participate in a joint venture as a contributor that you may increase your subscriber list exponentially. Some promoters have increased their subscriber lists by 700+ subscribers on a single joint venture. If you come across one, which should be very easy to do -- and if resources allow, become a contributor.

Co-Registration sites will provide you with leads usually for a monthly fee. You can load these leads into your auto-responder series. Usually they are are not double opt-in leads. They can be rather effective and are costly if you are on a tight budget. Many of the heavy-hitters use Co-Registration leads successfully!

FAA sites are not as effective as they once were. You are allowed to place your advertisement on your site and it will be mailed out to your leads that are supplied by those who have posted to the FAA. The leads will either be mailed out by yourself on your personal mailer or from the FAA sites server; as this enables you to avoid spam complaints by by-passing your ISP. You usually have an option as to which way you prefer to have your leads delivered daily. Most often you can join Free or Pro.

Guaranteed Sign Up Programs offer leads to you for a fee -- usually a one-time fee for a certain amount of leads. However, I have read online that these leads do not come from the most reliable source. I have read that some of these people are paid to sign-up and that because of this they are not usually active candidates in promoting your programs. Actually, I don't know how true this is. I have never used this type of lead. However, it may be worth your while to research this type of lead further before investing your hard earned cash!

You can also generate your own leads by creating lead capture pages, newsletters, reports and articles -- most of which create opt-in mailing lists that you can promote all of your back-end products to.

If you are promoting an affiliate program(s) it is imperative that you obtain leads in order to successfully promote them. If you can find an affiliate program that offers lots of lead generating tools you'll be a step ahead! When looking for an affiliate program to promote try to find a program that offers some of the following tools.

Auto-responder, leads, weekly commission payout, start page rotator, training center, html tutorial, website templates, email accounts, search engine submit, residual income, doorway page generators, e-book library, redirect urls, etc. These are tools that will add to your bottom line and help you become a more successful online entrepreneur. Once again, Go Daddy is your very best source for making money from your webhost!

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