Friday, January 18, 2013

Skyrocket Your Sales With Google +

With the advent of the new Panda and Penguin algorithm, Google has initiated and implemented new strategies that you will need to be aware of and of which you will need to incorporate into your marketing strategy in order to compete and have your website appear on Google.

The biggest problem appears to be that no one is really sure of what the new requirements are. Or of what the new algorithm covers. Of course, there have been SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guys that claim to know what the new algorithms consist of, but it appears that no one is absolutely certain as to what will be required to rank on Google as there are many factors that will affect rankings.

There was so much hoopla when the algorithm was changed that it prompted me to begin research on the topic and I began to study whatever I could find out about how to rank on Google using this new algorithm.

I am sure you have heard that there were many businesses that were completely annihilated when these changes took effect. So, it would behoove anyone who wants a presence on Google to listen up, pay attention and do whatever it takes to rank if you are planning to sell your products or services online; as this is where income is greatly affected.

I am no authority on the new algorithm, however, during my research on the topic I came across some information that I immediately incorporated into my marketing mix. Thankfully, and somewhat to my surprise, after about 30 days it is working well although I am still learning to navigate it.

The program that I added to my marketing mix is Google +. My intention was to try it to see what benefit I would derive from using this social media site. I have found that it works great and that I have ranked on the first page of Google for 20 different keywords. At this point I am at the drawing board trying to figure out which strategy to use to get more first page positions for my keywords!

The Google + site already has 100 million users and is growing rapidly. So, start using Google + right away as it stands to reason that Google will reward you for using their social media site!

You can have more than one Google + page. When I was creating my page somehow I ended up with two pages. Regardless of how many Google + pages you create, make sure to have their programmer link the pages to your website.
Their programmer will do this for you free of charge. When setting up your page you will get a pop- up asking if you want their programmer to link your pages. Make sure to do so.

Additionally, when completing your profile make sure that in the introduction area you leave a link to your website, blog, an article or to some of your contributions. Whatever link you place there will show up as a blue hyperlink.

After completing the introduction navigate to the bottom of the page where there is a section for other profiles. You can leave links to your FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest pages and more. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

No matter what you do online as far as content, Google is now going to rate you by authorship or give you a social reputation rating. So, you cannot just throw some crappy content up on a bunch of sites and rank on the first pages of Google. Your content or authorship will be rated. This happens to bode well for anyone who is self-publishing on the Amazon kindle platform.

Keep in mind that when writing content of any type, Google will no longer accept articles that are stuffed with keywords where the article or website makes little to no sense because it is plagued with keyword phrases.

You will now be required to write your content as if you are speaking to your reader in plain English in words and phrases that make sense. If you use the concept of KISS (keep it simple stupid), you will be fine!

Google wants to be able to recognize who you are so you will want to go to and put your picture there. Make sure to use this picture everywhere and on all of your social media sites including forums, message boards and the like, so that Google will be able to easily recognize you.

One of the best features on Google + is that you will be able to post images, articles, blog posts, videos and more. You will also be able to link to your websites and blogs and social media sites which will be included in search.

You will be able to place a link on your Google + page to your website or product which remains there and will serve as a great ad for your business. You can do this in your profile introduction as well as in a post.

If you have a WordPress blog or a device with a camera you can put a Google + button on your site and use it as an autoresponder. This way your message will automatically go to everyone in your circles.

If you have a laptop you can also start a 'hang out' which is like Skype and it will allow you to communicate with friends, family and business associates.

And, there is a new rating system much like Facebook 'likes.' These will be +1's on Google + and will be a part of Google's ratings on you and your social content.
Google will also rate you on where you place your articles.

You will not be penalized for using article directories if you use highly rated article directories like Ezine Articles, and if you get your link juice from sites like Hub Pages, and Squidoo.

Just make sure you are not using article directories that can be considered link farms. Be selective as to where you place your content.

From what I have seen so far, Google + is the place for the latest and greatest social media marketing platform. If you want to be listed on the first page of Google for your product or service use it.

Of course, it will require some trial and error on your part before you get it down to a science, but I can attest to the fact that it works!

Make sure that you use this platform extensively in 2013 as Google is a major player and influences the way the web operates and changes in a big way. And they determine whether or not you show up on their search results. I would say this is pretty much a no-brainer!

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