Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Make Money With John Chow Dot Com

By: Sharyce Arciaga

John Chow Dot Com is a blog that helps you make- money-online. He is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

This is not your average money-making blog. It is actually a case study that began approximately 7 months ago that was intended to see if it is true that you can make money blogging on-line.

Here John Chow Dot Com lists his experiences, strategies and even gives you a breakdown of how much money he has earned to date. In March his sales equalled $8,545.25 and are climbing!

John Chow Dot Com also provides a detailed list of all of his money-making sources along with the most recent figure on earnings. Some of the sources include but are not limited to Google Adwords, Adsense, Linking Programs, RSS Feeds, and other more sophisticated techniques.

And the best part is that he shows you exactly how and what to do so that you can use these very same money-making techniques.

One interesting article on his blog is entitled "How To Increase RSS Subscriptions," which I found to be very informative and extremely helpful. There are many articles on the blog jam-packed with vital information to help you become a more successful on-line entrepreneur.

John Chow Dot Com has 3,910 Full Feed Subscribers and is the 132nd most popular blog on the internet. Not shabby at all for an on-line presence of 7 months!

Beware, this guy is no novice. He is very sophisticated in his approach and his marketing skills are obviously impeccable! He is a 'techie' type who definitely knows what he is doing.

He is also a very smooth operating entrepreneur. He refers to himself as 'evil' in some of his posts relative to his business savvy techniques that allow him to continually increase his earning potential virtually every month on his blog.

Actually, there are so many resources on this blog that I would highly recommend anyone who wants to make money blogging to go to this site and join this very active on-line community.

I have definitely bookmarked this page and I will return often to see what this guy is up to and to investigate what he has done recently as this blog is a very interesting read.

By the way he has the number #2 position on the Google Search Engine for his keyword 'Make Money' from my understanding of my last read.

If you need help on how to monotize your blog, where to advertise your blog; if you need more traffic, money sources, innovative ideas and techniques -- John Chow Dot Com is your source.

I highly recommend this site for all of it's valuable and unique content; his commitment to the on-line community and for his expertise and experience in on-line marketing. In addition -- I must respect and admire him for what he has done with this site and how he has managed making money on-line from this blog.

To your continued success John Chow Dot Com!
John Chow Dot Com

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