Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Free Ways To Obtain Money And Links

PPB Programs
Are Free To Join & You Get Paid to Post

There are companies on-line that will pay bloggers to write articles for their own blogs for advertisers. And considering bloggers generally enjoy writing -- what better way is there to write articles for your own blog? This is one of the best concepts for the blogger.

Since everyone who has a blog must create new content for it regularly; these companies will definitely keep you from experiencing writers block because they give you a subject to write about while paying you to do so! For the blogger I don't believe there is any other way.

If you are a stay at home mom or a college student who enjoys writing and are able to crank out a bunch of articles per week -- this could become a lucrative part-time income. And there are many companies who are now paying bloggers for content.

PayPerPost pays $10 per article. see it here. Helium has a contest where they are giving away $15,000 in cash and prizes in addition to paying for articles. see it here They also pay bloggers for content.

Additionally, Google has a research project that you may participate in that pays $75 per hour. You would rate new products and services online or from one of their worldwide offices. If you are interested in this program you can click here.

Social BookMarkng is very popular at the present time. Most of us are familiar with sites like MySpace.com and YouTube, but there is a fairly new company called Squidoo that is growing extremely popularby leaps and bounds. The best feature of this company is that you can blatantly advertise on this site without fear of being shut down. You can create a number of lenses which are pages that are search engine friendly -- and you can link these lenses.

You can put links in your copy, add your RSS feed, write articles, advertise your products with their affiliate links, use your YouTube Video in a lens and/or join groups and send your ads to the various groups. And they pay you for your lenses!

The search engines pick up these lenses extremely fast which will bring a lot of traffic your way without spending any money on advertising. Just make sure to make your lenses keyword rich and include your RSS feed if at all possible because the search engines love fresh new content. See Squidoo here. I posted a couple of lenses and got two links on Google within days.

There is one last company I would like to mention and that is the Freelance Work Exchange. Although this is not a free program, you can join for 7 days for just $2.95 which allows you to go to their work at home job listings and register for jobs on the site. I took a look at the job categories and they were extremely interesting.

The job bank featured jobs for writing product reviews, movie reviews, poetry for greeting cards, posting to forums and many other unique and interesting writing assignments that would be of interest to most. Additionally, when you sign up you will receive a free e-book called Million Dollar Freelancing. click here. These are the areas of opportunity:

* Copywriting, Editing, And Proofreading

* Medical Transcription

* Home Based Business Opportunities

* Internet Research

* Administration

* Web And Graphic Design

* Programming And Scripting

Further, if you could use a couple of quick links on Google -- you can sign up for HowIMadeMyFirstDollar. With this program you will instantly receive about 4 new links on Google immediately. There are lots of interesting programs that will generate traffic that you must pay for -- but to get the free links you can sign up for free!

Although I haven't gone into very much detail about this program it contains very useful traffic generating programs including information on how to create clouds.
see it here.

These are not get-rich-quick schemes and I do not earn any affiliate commissions on any of the programs outlines here -- but if you need additional income these programs offer a great way to earn a little extra money. And according to Million Dollar Freelancing it appears that one could earn a very substantial income as a freelancer.

To Your Success,

Sharyce Arciaga

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